Day 4: Media Literacy and ChatGPT

Instructions (Part I): Now that you have used ChatGPT for programming, we’ll now explore it through the lens of media literacy and bias. Please watch the videos below carefully.

Instructions (Part II): Gather with a team of 2-3 and discuss what elements make the social media post below seem believable? What. cludes indicate that it could be AI-generated? Additionally, discuss what “long-tail” keyword search phrase could be used to find credible sources through lateral reading to check the authenticity of the information in the below post. 

Instructions (Part III): Put your new artificial intelligence identification skills to the test. See if you can tell which of the six social media posts in the this document are real and which were generated by ChatGPT. Use waht you learned in the video to evaluate each one, label as real or fake, and discuss how you arrived at each label by using “long-tail” keyword search terms, lateral reading, and upstream reading. 

Instructions(Part IV): Your teacher will guide you in this “AI and Media Literacy” lesson