1. 2D Top-Down Game

Instructions (Part I): Click here to enter the “Construct 3” game design interface. Click the “guest” icon at the top right to register. See screenshot below. 

Instructions (Part II): Click here and carefully follow the 9 steps to create your own Top-Down shooter style game. See screenshot below. 

Instructions (Part III): Add at least 5 different modifications of your own to your game. Review the list of “SOME IDEAS TO TRY” from page 9 for inspiration. Save your game when done. See screenshot below. 

Instructions (Part IV): Click here to learn how to share your game publicly using Itch. View the below video for an additional tutorial including specifics on exporting your game correctly.

Instructions (Part V): Copy the public link to your game’s page from from your Itch dashboard and paste the link below.  Type your first name in the “Subject” area.

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