2. Forensic Analysis

Instructions (Part I): Obtain microscope slides and a set of fiber samples: one from the crime scene and others from various suspects. Using tweezers, place a small sample of each fiber in the center of a different slide. Add a drop of water or another suitable mounting medium onto each fiber sample and gently place a cover slip on top, ensuring to minimize air bubbles, similar to the wet mount technique used in previous activities.

Instructions (Part II): Use the microscopes to observe the characteristics of the fibers from the crime scene and compare them with those from the suspects. Focus on attributes such as texture, color, thickness, and any other visible characteristics. Recall the focusing techniques they learned in the “letter e,” onion, and cheek cell labs, emphasizing careful adjustment and clear observation.

Instructions (Part III): Discuss your findings and decide which suspect’s fiber most closely matches the one found at the crime scene based on their microscopic observations