23. Purposeful Play

Purposeful Play Scratch Edition

  • Now we will take some time to play the games our peers created. 
  • You will provide feedback on the games that you played so that your peers can revise their games the next four sessions. Be sure to be clear in your feedback and praise anything that you really enjoyed about the game. 
  • We will use the Grow vs Glow model to give our feedback. One positive thing and one thing to work on.

Good Vs Bad Feedback

  • Good Feedback:  
    • Glow: I loved playing this game, the characters were cool and the missions were fun. 
    • Grow: The controls didn’t allow me to move up quickly enough to finish the game. 
  • Bad Feedback: 
    • Glow: It was cool. 
    • Grow: It was too hard and dumb, the controls weren’t fun to play.

Time to Play!

Your teacher will give you more information about how you will be playing your peers games today. 

Sketch & Tell Exit Ticket

  • Sketch: How you felt playing other peers games.  
  • Tell: What changes you want to make to your game based off of your feedback.

Wrap Up

  • When and what time is the next meeting?