6. Final Challenge

Challenge: Use the Engineering Design Process outlined below to imagine, prototype, and share a MLFK and Scratch project of your own. 

Engineering Design Process:

Step 1: Imagine

  • Imagine a fun problem you would like to solve or task you would like to complete similar to the projects you just completed using MLFK and Scratch. Draw you ideas on a piece of paper. 

Step 2: Prototype 

  • Using your drawing as a reference, train your AI on the MLFK site and build your interface on the Scratch site using the techniques from Lessons 4 and 5. Revise as needed. 

Step 3: Share 

  • Click “Share” in Scratch and paste the link to your project below.  Type your first name in the “Subject” area. In the “Write something…” area, briefly describe the purpose of your AI. 

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