A. Background Information

Instructions (Part I): Carefully view the below videos to learn how facial recognition technology is used in CSI.

Group Discussion: 

  1. What are the potential sources of bias in AI facial recognition systems, and how might these biases impact different communities? 
  2. Can you think of instances where AI facial recognition has made significant errors? Here’s an example and another.
  3. What were the consequences, and how could these errors have been prevented? 
  4. How should society balance the benefits of AI facial recognition technology with concerns about privacy and ethical use? How might you get involved 

Instructions (Part II): Click here, then click “Try it out” as shown in the in the image below. Then follow along with the video below to experiment with the power of a pre-built face recognition system.

Instructions (Part III): Now that you have followed along with the activities in the above video, click here and explore the additional facial recognition activities in the document. Choose a few that you are curious about and follow the instructions provided.