Additional Fun Drone Challenges

Drone Delivery:

Turn your drone into a delivery machine! 


Use either the included 3d printed clip and grappling hook, or design your own out of materials like paper clips. 


Pick up items and deliver to another location. Try adding in obstacles and even timing your deliveries.

2. Try carrying items on top of the drone.

Navigate Obstacles: 


Create an obstacle course for your drone to navigate. Try manually controlling the drone using the TELLO app, as well as programming your drone with Drone Blocks to carefully negotiate the obstacles. 

You can use items from around the classroom, including desks, chairs, doorways. Or create obstacles using hula-hoops, and or other challenging obstacle materials.

Drone Sports:  Create a Drone Sport! How about Drone Soccer? Drone Candy Delivery Racing? Drone Football? Drone Basketball? Drone Gymnastics? Drone Parkour? Drone Obstacle Course? Drone Wrestling??? Create the sport, then share a video explaining how it works on the Padlet.