Day 1 (Raspberry Pi 3D Model Application)

Instructions (Part I): Reflect on the physical specifics of all Raspberry Pi projects completed: Wire Loop, Stress Buster, Burping Jelly Baby, Dancing Unicorn, LEDs/Buzzzrs/Scratch Games. 

Instructions (Part II): On a separate sheet of paper, sketch a possible 3D Model that could be designed in Tinkercad and when printed, would add functionality to one of the Raspberry Pi projects listed above. For example, you could design a holder for the Wire Loop project, a case for the Stress Buster, etc. You are welcome to create a new Raspberry Pi project to suit your 3D Model ideas better if you wish. Be as original and creative as you can! 

Instructions (Part III): Post a picture of your sketch below. Type your first name(s) in the “Subject” area. A QR code is provided for ease of upload. 

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