Day 1 (Robot Simulator)

Instructions (Part I): Click here to to access the robot simulator. Experiment with the virtual programming  environment and when comfortable, recreate the below code. Click the “play” icon and observe what happens? Why does the robot continue to spin to the right at the end without stopping? Can you stop and restart the code? 

Instructions (Part II): Click the “Tutorials” link on the top left and choose “Using Loops” from the options. Click the play button shown in the video below and then repeat and implement the code from the tutorial.

Instructions (Part III): Modify your “loop” program from “Part II” to command  your robot to move in the shape of a complete rectangle using only three lines of code. 

Instructions (Part IV):  The below code shows how to use the distance sensor on the robot. Recreate the code below, click play, and observe what happens.

Instructions (Part V):  Reflect on your program from “Part IV”. Modify your code so that your robot approaches all walls of its environment “forever” using the distance sensor.