Day 2: Teachable Machine and Scratch (TBD)

Instructions (Part I): Spend time tinkering with the “Teachable Machine” AGAIN by clicking on the “Get Started” button.

Instructions (Part II): After you become comfortable with training your Teachable Machine, create individual Audio and Pose projects. (You already made an Image project in Part I.) The videos below may help you navigate the Teachable Machine system.

Instructions (Part III): Click here to open a version of Scratch that can communicate with Teachable Machine. 

Instructions (Part IV): Carefully follow along with the below video which will teach you how to make a “Catch the fruit” game by integrating Scratch and Teachable Machine. 

Instructions (Part V): Using your knowledge of both Scratch and Teachable Machine make at least 6 alterations to your “Catch the fruit” game. Include alterations to both your Scratch program and your Teachable Machine training process.  Use Screencastify to your record and share a video explanation of your alterations and a demonstration of you playing your game below. Type your first name in the “Subject” area.  

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