Day 4 (Extension): Investigating Slime!

Slime Preparation

Instructions (Part I): Pour 1/2 cup of clear school glue into a mixing bowl. Add 1/2 cup of water to the glue and mix well. If desired, add a few drops of food coloring and mix until the color is evenly distributed.

Instructions (Part II): Add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to the glue mixture and stir thoroughly.

Instructions (Part III): Gradually add 1 tablespoon of contact lens solution while stirring. Continue adding a few drops at a time until the mixture begins to come together and forms slime. Once the slime starts to form, knead it with your hands for a few minutes until it becomes less sticky and reaches the desired consistency. The first portion of the below video will model the slime creation process. 


Instructions (Part I): Gently pull the slime to see how far it stretches before breaking.

Instructions (Part II): Roll the slime into a ball and drop it from a short height to observe if it bounces.

Instructions (Part III): Hold the slime above the mixing bowl and let it slowly ooze out to observe its viscosity.

Instructions (Part IV): Poke the slime with a finger and observe how it responds.

Instructions (Part V): Squeeze the slime and observe how it changes shape and if it returns to its original form.