Days 1-4 (Final Challenge)

Instructions (Part I): As a class, carefully view the below video and analyze the screenshots from the video provided for background on our final challenge. 

Instructions (Part II): As discussed above, Sea Turtles often mistake plastic bags for sources of food. Your team’s challenge is to use the materials provided to build and secure a NEW attachment capable of harvesting plastic bags randomly placed throughout the pool and delivering them to the edge of the pool where the ROV operator stands. You may need to alter the location of your camera to perform this task accurately. This challenge will be a competition. Rules are as follows: 

  • Each round will feature one randomly selected team vs. another. 
  • Each team will begin on opposite edges of the pool. 
  • Before the round bags (~ 10) will be placed throughout by an instructor. 
  • When the instructor says “BEGIN”, each team will have 2 minutes to harvest as many plastic bags as they can. Don’t be afraid to battle and bump over a bag! 
  • Teams will have the opportunity to adjust their attachments between rounds based on performance. 

Instructions (Part III): Record and upload a video of your ROV, with camera on, successfully harvesting your plastic bags. Capture the ROV moving AND the vision output of the door opening. In addition to your video, include a separate upload that includes a close-up picture of your new attachment. Type the first names of each team member in the “Subject” areas. A QR code is provided below for ease of upload. 

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