Days 2-4 (Assistive Technology Challenge)

Instructions (Part I): Carefully view the below video to learn about the term “Assistive Technology”. 

Instructions (Part II): Imagine a way you could leverage the EV3 lego robotic system, and all of the build and programming knowledge you have learned over the past four weeks, to design and construct an Assistive Technology device for an individual with a disability of your choice (e.g., visual impairment, limited mobility, loss of limb, etc.). Discuss ideas with your classmates. Bonus points for integration 3D design and printing into your final project. 

Instructions (Part III): When you have decided on a disability and an approach, click here, make a copy of the slides, and work individually or with a team to complete the Assistive Technology challenge and present your work to the class. 

Instructions (Part IV): Copy a public link to your slides and paste the link below. Type the first names of all your team members in the “Subject” area.

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