Days 3-4 (Introduction to AI – Machine Learning for Kids)

Instructions (Part I): Carefully view the below video to learn how “Machine Learning for Kids” (MLFK) can be leveraged, along with Scratch to learn about applications of Artificial Intelligence. 

Instructions (Part II): Click here and make an account with Machine Learning for Kids (MLFK). Click here and make an account with the Scratch programming site.

Instructions (Part III): Click here and skim through all of the instructional worksheets beginning with “Describe the Glass” and ending with “Hand Gestures”. Choose 2-3 different projects to complete by following along with the worksheet. 

Instructions (Part IV): Reflect on your completed projects above. Choose your favorite (or complete a new one),  click “Share” in Scratch and paste the link to your chosen project below.  Type your first name in the “Subject” area.

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