Foil Boat Challenge Part 3- Improve

Improve Using the
Engineering Design Process

The Engineering Design Process helps us figure out problems and solve them like engineers. Today you will use this process to create a boat that will hold the most pennies. 

  • Think about what you would do to improve it (make it better) and share with your group.
  • Ask them for their feedback too and reflect on how you can improve your structure.
  • You will go through the process again and rebuild your boat using the feedback from your group and your own observations.
  • Consider the questions below when testing your boat again:
  1. How did the placement of your pennies affect your boat?
  2. What happens when you spread out the pennies versus put them in a pile?
  3. Do you think that changes how long it takes your boat to sink?
  4. Try the experiment again and place the pennies in different places, what is the best way to put them in the boat?