Part I: Setup

Instructions (Part I): Bring your solar panel outside and follow the method in the video below to test the voltage across your solar panel using the multimeter provided. 

Instructions (Part II): Choose a specific outdoor location where you and your team will work. Adjust the direction and angle of your solar panel to maximize voltage output. Watch the video below for guidance on placing your solar panel strategically for optimal sun exposure. 

Instructions (Part III): Now that you know the ideal location and angle for your solar panel, use this video as a reference to set up the water pump.

Instructions (Part IV): Using your setup from “Part III” and your optimal location from “Part II,” along with the provided 250 mL graduated cylinder, design an experiment to determine your pump’s flow rate in mL/min. Record your value in the table below and add your team members’ names in the “Subject” area.

Simpson Solar Water Pump Project Padlet

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