Part II (Circuits and Forces)

Instructions (Part I): Click here to learn how to use the “Circuit Construction Kit: DC” simulation. When ready, experiment with the actual simulation below. Be sure to explore the “Intro”, and “Lab” options. 

Instructions (Part II): Reflect on places where circuits exist in your daily life. Hypothesize at least 5 and share them with your classmates. After sharing your circuit applications, carefully view the below video to obtain a more in-depth understanding of electricity and circuits. 

Instructions (Part III): Now that you have a basic understanding of electricity and circuits, it’s time to apply your knowledge to create circuit that spins a motor to create unbalanced net force, causing a “robot” to scribble a pattern on a sheet of paper. This robot is called a “Scribbling Robot”. Watch the below video for an example of how a a similar Scribbling Robot performs its task! Click here for another example of a Scribbling Robot in motion. 

Instructions (Part VI): Using your materials and the images found here as a guide, create your Scribbling Robot. When done, secure a large piece of white paper to the ground, and let your Robot create its own unique pattern! 


 Additional Challenges:

  • Try to create a perfect circle with your Scribble Bot
  • Change the position of the markers, motor, or batteries to see what changes occur 
  • Tie together multiple Scribble Bots and experiment

Instructions (Part VII):

 Once successful, take a clear picture of your robot’s pattern, similar to the one shown here, and upload it below. Type your first name in the “Subject” area. A QR code is provided for ease of upload. 

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