Remote Control Flight

Instructions (Part I):  Carefully view the below to learn how to Remote Control (RC) your drone using the Drone Blocks application. Click here for written instructions. 

Instructions (Part II): Using the information above, practice flying your drone using the keyboard as an RC controller. Try flying in the patterns you programmed previously and inventing your own unique RC flight patterns! 

Instructions (Part III):  Reflect on the drone programming and RC flight skills you have learned thus far. Keeping your reflection in mind, imagine a ~ 30 second drone airshow of your own in which your drone takes off, completes a series of creative maneuvers and lands. You may use a preprogrammed approach or RC control, but your show must be planned ahead of time. Record a video of your airshow. Type your first name in the “Subject” area. A QR code is provided below for ease of upload. 

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