Forensic Test #3: Fiber Investigation

Instructions (Part I): Obtain microscope slides and a set of fiber samples from each of the three suspects. Prepare each sample for viewing by following the instructions in the video below (Note: you will be using pieces of your fiber rather than water samples). Start watching the video at the 4:45 mark and skim through to understand the general method for preparing your fibers for viewing.  

Instructions (Part II): Use your microscope to examine the fibers from the crime scene. You may find this video helpful in preparing fibers to view. Pay attention to features like texture, color, and thickness, along with any other visible characteristics. As you examine each fiber, take a clear, magnified picture with your phone using the technique demonstrated in the video below. t

Instructions (Part III):  Use the QR code provided below to upload the images of each fiber taken with your phone. Type your first name in the “Subject” area and label each image with the corresponding suspect’s designation (e.g., “Suspect 1”) in the “Write something” area. You will need to upload a total of three images.

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