2. Car Analysis

Instructions (Part I): Revisit your fastest car from the previous activity and take time to make any necessary modifications to ensure that your car is durable and consistently working. 

Instructions (Part II): Collaborate with your classmates to design a race track where the fastest cars will race side-by-side over a distance of 3 meters. Use tape to mark the track every 0.5 meters; these markings will be used later to analyze the motion of the cars.

Instructions (Part III): Conduct at least 5 rounds of the race, noting the winning car each time. Record clear videos of each race above to ensure each car, and the 0.5 m tape marks, are visible.

Instructions (Part III): Follow the analysis steps in the document shown below: 

Instructions (Part IV): Take a clear picture of the graph you created from your data table. Type your first name in the “Subject” area.  In the “Write something…” describe which car is the fastest based on the appearance of your graph. A QR code is provided below for ease of upload.  

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