3. Challenge #1

Challenge: Use the Engineering Design Process outlined below to imagine, prototype, and share a 3D design that solves a problem for an individual who does not have use of their arms. 

Engineering Design Process:

Step 1: Imagine

  • Imagine a problem that an individual who does not have arms might face that you can solve using a 3D design you can create, and ultimately print, in Tinkercad.  Draw a diagram of you solution on a separate sheet of paper. 

Step 2: Prototype 

  • Using your drawing as a reference, design your solution using Tinkercad. Revise as needed as you design. Ask for feedback from somebody before you complete.  When done, “Export” your design as an “STL” file. 

Step 3: Revise 

  • Share your “STL” file below. Type your first name in the “Subject” area. In the “Write something…” area, briefly describe the problem you have identified and how your 3D design offers a potential solution.  

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