Instructions (Part I): Open your MakeyMakey kit and and carefully lay out all of the materials. See the below image.

Instructions (Part II): Carefully view the below introduction videos to obtain a general idea of what the MakeyMakey is capable of. 

Instructions (Part III): Carefully study the below video to learn how to set up and begin using your MakeyMakey. 

Instructions (Part IV): Carefully study the below videos to see how other students have integrated the MakeyMakey with the structure and function of the Eukaryotic cell.  

Instructions (Part V): Using your Scratch Soundboard from Lesson #4, your MakeyMakey, and other misc. materials available to you, create your own “Interactive Eukaryotic Cell”. Similar to the examples shown above, your cell should be capable of “speaking” the function of each organelle when activated.  

Instructions (Part VI): Record and upload video of you using your Interactive. Cell (Scratch Soundboard + MakeyMakey). Type your first name in the “Subject” area. A QR code is provided below for ease of upload.

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