6. Final Challenge

Challenge: Using your expansion kit, and the instructions found here, build the Edison Robot Tank. Once your build is complete, use the Engineering Design Process outlined below to imagine, prototype, and share an obstacle course and code for your robot tank. Click here for an obstacle course example.

Step 1: Imagine

  • Imagine your obstacle course and code by drawing a diagram and writing your code in normal language on a piece of paper. For example: “First my robot will….then….etc.”

Step 2: Prototype 

  • Gather materials and build a prototype for your obstacle course and code that commands your robot to compete the course. Test your robot’s ability to negotiate the course and analyze results. Revise and retest as needed. 

Step 3: Share 

  • Address any final remaining errors in your robot’s ability to complete the obstacle course. Once successful, upload a video of your robot successfully completing your obstacle course below. 

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