Activity 2: Protein Folding

Materials:  3d structure of insulin handout, clear tape, scissors

Part 1: Now that you understand how proteins are synthesized from Activity #1, watch the videos below to learn about the importance of protein folding. Each protein folds into a specific 3D structure that determines its function. Complete the summary in your workbook. 

Part 2: Watch the video below to learn about insulin, a crucial hormone in sugar metabolism that is absent in individuals with Type 1 Diabetes. After viewing, complete the summary in your workbook.

Part 3: Below is a 3D representation of the folded insulin protein. Click here and use the provided materials to ‘fold’ your insulin protein into its 3D shape. Take a clear image of your folded insulin protein and upload it below. Enter the first name of each team member in the ‘Subject’ field. Use the QR code provided for easy upload. 

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