Activity 3: Experimental Design

Materials:  eggs, plastic cups, tape, water heater, alcohol, forks, bowls

Part 1: Albumin is a protein that helps maintain the proper balance of fluids in our blood and tissues, acting like a sponge to keep water where it should be. It’s not only found in our bodies but also in eggs, which is why eggs are often used as a source of protein in our diets. When making hard-boiled eggs, the heat causes the albumin proteins in the egg whites to denature, or unfold, and then coagulate, or clump together. This process transforms the egg whites from a clear, runny consistency to a firm, opaque white. Click here to explore the AI AlphaFold an AI database of folded proteins that can be analyzed and manipulated. Click here for a video tutorial on how to find the human Albumin protein. 

Part 2: Using the information in this video above, and in Unit 5, conduct a proper experiment to answer the question below. 


What effect do different environments have on Albumin protein folding?