B. License Plate

Instructions (Part I): Carefully watch the below video which models the process for making a license plate in Tinkercad. You may want to turn the volume down while watching. 

Instructions (Part II): Using the information in the above two videos, design a creative license plate for yourself. Your design should include regions (holes, etc.) that will allow you to secure your license plate to a keychain, necklace, etc.  

Instructions (Part III): Using a ruler, measure the dimensions (in inches or millimeters) of the area where you want your license plate to go. Watch the video below to learn how to scale your image. Once you’ve watched the video, scale your license plate accordingly. As a secondary thought experiment, imagine putting the license plate on your Edison Robot. What size would it need to be?

Instructions (Part VI): “Export” your license plate as an “STL” file and share it here for printing. Click here for an exporting tutorial.