D. Robot EdCreate

Instructions (Part I):  Find a partner to work with. As a team, combine your expansion kits and choose 1 of the 5 EdCreate challenges shown below to build (Tank, Digger, Claw, Crane, or Printer).

Instructions (Part II):  Click here and follow the appropriate instructions to build your EdCreate challenge. 

Instructions (Part III):  Work with your partner to load the appropriate code for your build according to the instructions in the guide. If you are not successful, or do not have access to the proper materials available (TV Remote, etc.), work in EdScratch to invent and implement an alternative code to perform a unique task of your choosing. 

Instructions (Part IV): Record a video of your EdCreate build performing a task. Type your first name in the “Subject” area.  A QR code is provided below for ease of upload.  

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