C: Scratch and the Microbit

Instructions (Part I): Carefully view the video below to understand the type of game you will be creating. 

Instructions (Part II): Carefully follow along with this link, and view the below video, to learn how to connect your Microbit to your Scratch program so it can be used as a controller for your car.

Instructions (Part III): Carefully follow along with this document to build your own Scratch-Microbit Racing Game. You will only be writing the code in this step. 

Instructions (Part IV)Make any necessary edits to your game until it works properly. Experiment with your Microbit until you can control the car consistently. 

Instructions (Part V)Make at least 5 modifications to your game. Examples include altering the Microbit control features to include button presses, changing sprite aesthetics, altering scoring mechanisms, changing allotted game time, etc.