D. Instrument for Individuals with Cerebral Palsy

Instructions (Part I): Using your Makey Makey, Scratch/Pictoblox, and any available materials, you will design a musical instrument for Stella, who is featured in the video below. Watch the video carefully to learn more about Stella. 

Instructions (Part II): Your musical instrument must contain the following features: 


– At least 3 large buttons that Stella can activate with physical press. The earth wire should be integrated into the buttons so Stella doesn’t have to hold an additional wire. Click here for examples.


– At least 2 buttons that are activated using facial expression. Click here for Pictoblox refresher. 

Instructions (Part III): Work with your team to create a drawing of your instrument for Stella. Use arrows to label the functionality and add color where appropriate. If you are short on time, modifying your previous instrument to include the above parameters is encouraged. 

Instructions (Part IV): Work with your team to create an initial instrument prototype using your drawing as a guide. Test and revise your prototype until it is functional. Use the QR code below to upload a video of your adaptive controller in action. Type your first name in the “Subject” area.

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