Day 1 (Drone Introduction)

Instructions (Part I): Take some time and watch the below videos. When you are done reflect on which drone related career was your favorite and why. 

#1 – Reforestation 
#2 – Film   
#3 –  Farming 
#4 –  Transportion 
#5 –  Healthcare

Instructions (Part II): Click here to to access the flight simulator. Use the password: 7596. Recreate the below code and choose “Launch Mission” from the dropdown menu on the right to test your simulator. 

Instructions (Part III): Click here to learn about drone axes of movement.  Using the same method from above, write your own code that commands your drone to fly in a circle. Test in the simulator.

Instructions (Part IV): Develop a method of flying in a square using only two lines of code (Hint: you will need to use a “loop”).  Test in the simulator.