Day 3 (3D Design)

Instructions (Part I): Click here to make an account and log into Tinkercad. Click “Learn” and complete five “Starters” of your choice. 

Instructions (Part II): Carefully watch the below tutorial demonstrating how to make a wrench using Tinkercad. Follow along as you watch.

Instructions (Part III): Using what you learned in the previous video as a guide, design a different tool of your choice. 

Instructions (Part I): Using the below images as inspiration, imagine a device, capable of being realistically fabricated on a printer, that serves a functional purpose for an individual by making a specific task more efficient, simpler, etc. 

Instructions (Part II): Reflect on a possible design for your own device and create a detailed sketch on a piece of paper. 

Instructions (Part III): Using your drawing as a guide, construct your device in Tinkercad. 

Instructions (Part IV): “Export” your device as an “STL” file and share it below. Type your first name in the “Subject” area.

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