Days 1-2 (Explosive Disposal Simulation)

Instructions (Part I): Carefully view the below videos to learn about how robots are used to safely dispose of explosive devices. Note the mechanical similarities between your robot and the robots featured in the videos. 

Instructions (Part II): Obtain an object to serve as a hypothetical explosive that needs to be disposed by your robot. Place the object on top of the box that your robot came packaged in. Additionally, obtain a container that will serve as the space you will “dispose” of the explosive device. The ideal object is one that can easily be picked up by your robotic arm gripper, but will not be crushed. The ideal container is one that the object can be simply dropped into. A bowl, small box, or plastic bin, works great.  See the below images for examples of objects to use. 

Instructions (Part III): Access your “Robotic Arm Tank” and MakeyMakey controller. Establish bluetooth connection and practice driving and controlling your robot.  Make any edits needed so that you can consistently use your MakeyMakey controller to operate your robot via bluetooth. 

Instructions (Part IV): Set up your “bomb”  and “disposal” container by placing your object on the box and container next to one another approximately 10 feet from your control station. 

Instructions (Part V): Challenge yourself to dispose of your bomb from a distance using your MakeyMakey controller. You will do this by driving your robot from your control station, picking the canister up using your robotic arm, gently placing it in the plastic cup (without spilling), and returning safely to your control station.

Instructions (VI): Record a video of you controlling you successfully disposing your bomb using your robot and MakeyMakey controller. Type your first name in the “Subject” area. A QR code is provided below for ease of upload. 

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