Days 3-4 (FPV Disposal Challenge)

Instructions (Part I): “First-Person View” technology (FPV) is commonly used to protect individuals exploring and disarming a potentially explosive device. During FPV operation, a camera with a live feed is attached to the robot. The live feed is monitored by the operator of the robot at a remote location. Carefully view the below video to learn more about FPV in robotics. 

Instructions (Part II): Your challenge will be to equip your Robotic Arm Tank with FPV capabilities. To do this, you will use the “mobile phone bracket” provided to support a phone which will serve as your camera. See an image of a potential attachment method below and click here and here to skim different build methods for attaching the bracket. You will NOT be rebuilding your robot. Rather, you will be modifying your robot to hold your camera. 

Instructions (Part III): Once you have successfully attached your camera to your robot, brainstorm with your group possible ways to create a live stream from your computer to your robot using your phone. For example, you could Zoom to your phone from your computer. 

Instructions (Part IV): Challenge yourself to dispose of your bomb from a distance, as you did last time, using your MakeyMakey controller. This time, point your computer and controller away from your robot and dispose of your bomb using your FPV system for vision only Carefully view the below video for an example of a similar process. 

Instructions (V): Record a video of you successfully disposing your bomb using your robot and MakeyMakey controller via your FPV system. Type your first name in the “Subject” area. A QR code is provided below for ease of upload. 

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