E. Flight Challenges

Instructions (Part I): Drone Delivery Challenge! Using any materials you choose (Paperclips, etc.), develop a method for picking up items and delivering them to a different location using your drone. 

Instructions (Part II): Obstacle Navigation Challenge! Create an obstacle course for your drone to navigate. You can use items from around the classroom, or create your own obstacles. 

Instructions (Part III)Drone Sports Challenge! Create a Drone Sport! How about Drone Soccer? Drone Football? Drone Basketball? Drone Wrestling!?, etc. 

Instructions (Part IV)Drone Choreography. Create a synchronized drone flight routine set to music, incorporating various maneuvers and formations.

Instructions (Part V): Drone Precision Landing. Land the drone precisely on a marked target on the ground practice landing the drone on it as accurately as possible.

Instructions (Part VI): Drone Follow the Leader. Control the drone to follow a moving object or person.

Instructions (Part VII):  Reflect on the drone challenges above and choose the one you enjoyed the most. Record a recreation of the challenge done as perfectly as possible and upload your video below. Type your first name in the “Subject” area. In the “Write something…” area, describe your flight method (RC, pre-programmed, etc.). A QR code is provided below for easy upload.

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