Spaghetti Bridge Part 1- Design

Bridge Examples

Here are some notable bridges from around the world.

What similarities and differences do you notice?

Jade Belt Bridge, China

Location: Beijing, China

This bridge was built sometime around 1750 and is made from marble and other white stone. This bridge has carvings of cranes and other animals and is also known as the Camel’s Back Bridge. 

Golden Gate Bridge, United States

Location: San Fransisco, California

This bridge was finished in 1937 and is made from steel. This bridge was designed to safely withstand winds of up to 68 miles per hour and can tolerate winds up to 100 miles per hour. 

Tower Bridge, England

Location: London, England

This bridge was completed in 1894 and is made of steel covered with Portland stone and Cornish granite. The bridge is a suspension and bascule (drawbridge) bridge. 

What Makes Bridges So Strong?

Design Using the Engineering Design Process

The Engineering Design Process helps us figure out problems and solve them like engineers. Today you will use this process to create the strongest bridge you can. 

  • What is my problem? Design and build a bridge to hold weight
  • What are my constraints? You can only use the materials included in the kit to build the bridge.
  • Brainstorm some solutions to your problem. 
  • Do some research with your team if needed.
  • Draw out your ideas on a piece of paper. Don’t forget to check the materials list below to include anything you might need. 
  • Materials List:
    • 20 pieces of spaghetti
    • 5 feet of tap
    • 3 feet of string