Introduction (3 Hours)
Flying with Tello and Build a Course Challenge (7 Hours)
Career Connections (1 Hour)
DroneBlocks, Simulator, and Challenges (6 Hours)
Mini Challenges (2 Hours)
More drone league lessons in the full curriculum

1. Introduction to Drone Competition (1 Hour)

Welcome to the Woven Drone League!

We are excited to have you as part of the Woven Drone League. You and your peers will be learning about what drones are, how they are connected to careers, how to fly them, and will be using them in a competition at the end of this league. We have a lot to learn about drones! Students in the league stretch across California, as far north as Del Norte and south in Orange County. This is our first year running a drone league, so we officially welcome you to the Woven Drone League Class of 2023 and can’t wait to see what you will create!

Here are the things that you will do during this Drone League: 

  • Learn about the Engineering Design Process
  • Learn about drones and how to use them safely
  • Set up a drone
  • Create an obstacle course 
  • Problem solve, collaborate, communicate, use creativity, and think critically 
  • Draw shapes with the drone
  • Learn how to use block-based coding 
  • Pick up items with the drone and race your friends in challenges
  • Work with your team to solve a series of problems 

Classroom Norms

Your instructor will go over the norms and procedures for your after-school league. Your instructor will also show what the drone can do.

*Instructors can fly the drone to show kids; this is also a great time to unbox the drones, show the students the pieces