Introduction (3 Hours)
Flying with Tello and Build a Course Challenge (7 Hours)
Career Connections (1 Hour)
DroneBlocks, Simulator, and Challenges (6 Hours)
Mini Challenges (2 Hours)
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The full curriculum provides the following lessons:

  • Introduction to Drone Competition
  • Introduction to Drones and Safety Practices
  • Introduction to Engineering Design Process Challenge
  • Tello Platform Set Up
  • Troubleshooting Drones and Tello Manual Flying Practice
  • Tello Manual Flight Challenges
  • Obstacle Course Challenge
  • Career Connections
  • DroneBlocks Platform Set Up
  • Introduction to Loops in DroneBlocks with Simulator and DroneBlocks App
  • DroneBlocks Shape Challenges
  • Obstacle Course Challenge with DroneBlocks
  • Pick Up Challenge
  • Relay Challenge
  • Competition Design and Practice
  • Final Competition