Introduction (3 Hours)
Flying with Tello and Build a Course Challenge (7 Hours)
Career Connections (1 Hour)
DroneBlocks, Simulator, and Challenges (6 Hours)
Mini Challenges (2 Hours)
More drone league lessons in the full curriculum

7. Career Connections (1 Hour)

Drone Careers Examples

There are so many careers that have gotten better because of drones. Look at the list below with your instructor. How do you think drones are used in these different careers? Do you think drones have changed careers for better or worse? What do you think is missing from the list below?

  • Film Making
  • Telecommunications
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Journalism
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Sport (As a sport or with live events)
  • Transit
  • NASA (Ingenuity)

Drones In Use

Now that we know how drones are used in different fields, we will look at some examples of drones being used in careers. Check out some of the videos below together with your instructor or by yourself. 

Protecting Elephants

Search and Rescue

Whale Research:


Medical Delivery

Aircraft Inspecting