12. Pick Up Challenge (1 Hour)

Moon Trash Mission

You and your crew are headed to the moon for a different type of rescue mission. 

Between 1969 and 1972, NASA reports that humans have left about 500,000 pounds of garbage on the moon. NASA left it there to study it to see how the items handle space exposure and years of radiation, but the study is up, and we need to bring the items back for further investigation. 

You and your crew will need to pick up individual items from the moon and return them to the spaceship. To practice for this important mission, you will start by picking up the items below before your next mission session.

Item List

To pick up the items with your team, you must communicate, collaborate, be creative, and think critically. Start using the Tello App and move to the Drone Blocks app if time permits. Teamwork will be very important in this mission, so work with your team to finish your mission. You can talk to other crews and your instructor for additional assistance.