1. VEX Robotics

Instructions (Part I): Click here to access the online coding environment for your robot.  Click the “Tutorials” link at the top. See screenshot below. 

Instructions (Part II): Follow along with each of the 12 tutorial videos to learn the basics of coding and controlling your Clawbot. See screenshot below. 

Instructions (Part III): Autonomous delivery robots are electric-powered motorized vehicles that can transport goods to customers without the need for human intervention. These robots are programmed to transport objects from one location to anotherUsing blue painter’s tape, create a warehouse pickup and delivery location as shown in the picture below. When complete, set your Clawbot up as shown above, and place a plastic baseball in front of it. 

Instructions (Part IV): Recreate and download the code below which directs your Clawbot to grab the “package” (plastic baseball), deliver it to the designated location, and return to the warehouse. 

Instructions (Part V): Experiment with moving the delivery location and adjusting the code accordingly to enable your Clawbot to have a successful delivery to a new location. As an additional challenge, experiment with adding “stop sings” or objects to represent cars moving that will have to be incorporated into your new code. 

Instructions (Part VI): When you are satisfied with your Clawbot’s modified delivery route, record and upload a video of your Clawbot performing a successful delivery. Type your first name in the “Subject” area.  A QR code is provided below for ease of upload.

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