Social Media Part 2

Creating Your Brand

Now that you know all about Social Media Influencers, you will take time to think about your own brand if you were to be an influencer. 

  • What is your niche? Think about what you are passionate about, what you are good at, and what you enjoy. Think about these things as you decide on a niche. 
  • Choose your audience. Who is your target audience? What type of people do you want to talk to? Are you someone interested in health and want to share meals and workouts, or do you want to stream games and build a community that way? 

Choose Your Platform

Do you want to do long videos, use photos to convey your information, or maybe do funny videos? Consider your niche and target audience and decide on one main platform. Most influencers use more than one but use one as their main place of posting. This helps with the load of work as well as keeping it consistent on one platform. 

Examples of picking a main platform. 

  • Tik-Tok to make cooking videos for busy college students. 
  • Twitch to stream the latest new game. 
  • Instagram to show your new clothing brand. 
  • YouTube to do a beauty tutorial. 

You could use YouTube to upload a video of you playing the newest game, but it isn’t the typical platform for gamers, so the engagement would probably go down. You want to think about the best place for you, your content, and where you will find your audience. 

Research for Your Brand

Now you will take the rest of the time to research your niche, audience, and platform. Take notes on which niche you want, who your audience will be, and what platform you will use. Over the following two classes, you will create and present your own business plan.