1. VEX Robotics

Instructions (Part I): Attach a 1x2x1x16 C-Channel to the front and attach a Distance Sensor facing forward. Open the Clawbot (Drivetrain 2-motor) template, and configure the Distance Sensor in Port 7.

Instructions (Part II): Recreate and download the code below which directs your Clawbot to move when an object is placed in front of the Distance Sensor. The Distance Sensor reports the numbered distance between an object and the Sensor. When an object (your hand) is closer to the Distance Sensor, the reading will be a smaller number. In order to start driving, the Clawbot must wait until the Distance Sensor reading is less than the designated amount. 

Instructions (Part III): Experiment with adjusting the code accordingly to enable your Clawbot to drive forward unless your hand is placed in front of the distance sensor. If you hand is placed, adjust th code so your Clawbot will turn and/or stop. 

Instructions (Part IV): When you are satisfied with your Clawbot’s Distance Sensor programmed response, record and upload a video of your Clawbot responding. Type your first name in the “Subject” area.  A QR code is provided below for ease of upload.

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