Activity #1: Understanding the Characteristics of Life

Materials:  hexbugs, misc. materials such as cups, tape, bowls, etc.

Part 1: Carefully view the below video to learn how to operate a hexbug robot. 

Part 2: Using various materials of your choosing, spend time experimenting with your hexbug robot. Can you get it to “fight” another hexbug? Move through a maze? Climb a hill? Flip over and keep moving? Etc. Document your hexbugs behavior in your workbook. 

Part 3: Based on your observations, do you think your hexbug is a living thing? Clearly explain your logic in your workbook. 

Part 4: Carefully view the below video and complete the summary in your workbook. 

Part 5: Based on the information in the above video, revise your answer to “Part 3”. What characteristics of life do hexbugs demonstrate? Clearly explain your logic in your workbook.