Activity #2: Microscopy Introduction

Materials:  foldscope kits, misc. objects to view

Part 1: Carefully view the below video and complete the summary in your workbook. 

Part 2: Carefully view the below videos to learn how to create and use your Foldscope. Feel free to skim through the videos if you are already comfortable using your Foldscope. 

Part 3: Carefully view the below videos to learn how to use your Foldscope to view objects you find in your own surroundings. The below example involves viewing an ant! 

Part 4: Use the information you have learned in the above videos to find and view your own sample from your environment. Living or non-living samples are welcome! Take a picture of your sample and share it below. Take time to view other team submissions. Enter the first name of each team member in the “Subject” field . A QR code is provided below for ease of upload. Additionally, describe what you found in your workbook. 

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