Day 1 (YouTube VR)

Instructions (Part I): Carefully watch the below videos as a class or with your partner. 

Instructions (Part II): Assuming that your headset is fully charged, find an area to sit or stand with your partner, and go through the set up process. When done, spend time getting comfortable navigating the main screen, location of apps, etc. You will both need to go through the set up process. When done, switch headsets with your partner. When you are not using the headset, spend time reading some basic facts about Dinosaurs here.  

Instructions (Part III): It is time to you use your navigation skills to explore a mix of 360 videos on YouTube VR related to Paleontology! Below are screenshots of each video. Use the search function (click here if your need assistance) to find and view each video. As you watch, make a note of specifically interesting things you learned. Please note that some videos are silly, some are serious, and some are a mixture of both. When done, switch headsets with your partner. When you are not using the headset, spend time reading about the specifics of Paleontology here and here

Instructions (Part IV): Of the six videos you watched, one is less related to the study of Paleontology than the others. With your partner, hypothesize which video you think it is and why. Share your thoughts with the class. Once you have shared your hypothesis, click here and read this article individually to learn about how the misplaced video actually  connects to the study of Paleontology. 

Instructions (Part V): Click the “+” icon on the bottom right of the board below, type your first name in the “Subject” area, and list a few new things you learned and/or observed after viewing the above videos in VR in the “Write something…” area. Do this individually. 

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