Day 2 (Jurassic World )

*Complete any unfinished work from Day 1 with your partner. 

Instructions (Part I): Charge your Oculus  headset. Carefully watch the below video as a class or with your partner. 

Instructions (Part II): Today we are going to spend time exploring three different types of  Dinosaurs: Apatosaurus, Velociraptor, and Tyrannosaurus. To do this, we will first experience what it would be like to have an encounter with each of these dinosaurs. In the main menu, visit the “Store”, and download the free application “Jurassic World”. The icon for the application is shown below. 

Instructions (Part III): Once downloaded, view the “Apatosaurus” experience on the bottom left, making note of the appearance and behavior of the dinosaur. When done, switch headsets with your partner. When you are not using the headset, spend time reading about the Apatosaurus here. Repeat the process for the Velociraptor/Tyrannosaurus experience called “Blue”. When you are not using the headset, spend time reading about the Velociraptor here and Tyrannosaurus here

Instructions (Part III): With your partner, discuss the similarities and differences between the three dinosaurs types discussed above. Based on their behavior, what types of foods did they eat? How would their fossil records differ? What other differences could you discern from their behavior? Prepare to share. 

Instructions (Part IV): Take some time to read about the behavior and fossil record of each dinosaur here, here, and here. Reflect on your conversation and the aspects of each dinosaur you predicted correctly based on behavior in VR. 

Instructions (Part V): Click the “+” icon on the bottom right of the board below, type your first name in the “Subject” area, and list a few new things you learned and/or observed after today’s Jurassic World experience and readings in the “Write something…” area. Do this individually. 

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