Day 4 (Wander)

*Complete any unfinished work from Day 3 with your partner. 

Instructions (Part I): Charge your Oculus  headset. Carefully watch the below video as a class or with your partner. 

Instructions (Part II): Today we are going to spend time exploring a few different museums around the world. In the main menu, visit the “Store”, and download the application “Wander”. The icon for the application is shown below. (This may have already been downloaded to your headset). 

Instructions (Part III): Open the “Wander” application in your headset and experiment with the navigation tools. Type in a few random locations you have always wanted to visit and wander around a bit to get comfortable with the controls. When done, switch headsets with your partner. Your will both be switching back and fourth quite a bit, so there will not be another task for you to do. 

Instructions (Part IV): You will now work with your partner to find the below exhibits at the museums indicated. Trade off the headset frequently to confirm what you have found and alternative who will take the lead on each search. When you have found a specific exhibit, take a picture of the exhibit in your headset using the instructions here and confirm the identity with your partner and your instructor. 

American Museum of Natural History, New York City

-Apatosaurus and Triceratops 

Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago 


 Natural History Museum, London 


La Brea Tar Pits, Los Angelas (click here for significance) 

-Mammoth on display in pit

Instructions (Part V): Click the “+” icon on the bottom right of the board below, type your first name in the “Subject” area, and list a few new things you learned and/or observed after today’s Wander experience in the “Write something…” area. Do this individually. 

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