Days 1-3 (ROV Vision)

Instructions (Part I): Test your Erchang underwater vision application, separate from your ROV, to make sure it operates properly. Tinker with the device until you have determined how it operates. 

Instructions (Part II): Choose an area to mount your camera on your ROV. Once your team is satisfied with the location, use available materials (zip ties, electrical tape, etc.) to securely mount your camera. 

Instructions (Part III): Find an open area, carefully uncoil your camera’s cord, and neatly align it with the the length of the remote control tether cable for your ROV(this will take tinkering with to adjust the length of each accordingly). Once aligned, use the cord protector material provided to wrap both the remote control tether cable and the camera cord into one organized unit. See the example video below. 

Instructions (Part IV): Record and upload a ~ 20 sec video of your ROV, with camera on, operating underwater. Capture the ROV moving AND the vision output on the screen in your video. Type the first names of each team member in the “Subject” area. A QR code is provided below for ease of upload. 

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