Days 2-4 (ROV Build)

Instructions (Part I): With your team, and using the materials provided, carefully follow the below video instructions to build and test your initial ROV. Click here for written information if needed and here for a presentation on using the necessary tools for your build. 

Instructions (Part II): Once complete, spend time testing your ROV in the designated area until you have achieved the buoyancy your team desires. Add/remove foam insulation to the frame until ROV rises and falls to your liking (you will likely continue to adjust the buoyancy over the coming weeks). Trade your ROV with another team. Test one another’s vehicles and provide feedback. 

Instructions (Part III): Once your ROV has been tested, prepare a quick poolside presentation with your team that shares the following with the class: 

  • What worked well with your ROV design? 
  • What aspects of your ROV design need improvement?
  • What did you learn from driving other team’s ROV? 

Instructions (Part IV): After your presentation, record and upload a ~ 20 sec video of your ROV operating underwater. Type the first names of each team member in the “Subject” area. A QR code is provided below for ease of upload. 

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