4. Gaming with Positivity

Gaming with Positivity

  • What are all the different ways you communicate with your friends?
  • Face-to-face?
  • On your phone or computer?

Keeping Games Fun & Friendly

  • What social interactions do you notice in the video? 
  • Who talks to who? 
  • What do they say?

Gaming with Positivity Reflection

  • From the video, what are examples of action the characters took to be positive or to avoid a risky situation?
  • Think about a setting where you interact with others online. 
    • What is that setting? 
    • What can you do in that setting to help you keep your interactions positive?

Esports League Roles

  • President: The leader of the team, monitors the goals of the league, and helps resolve gaming disputes. 
  • Vice President: Assists the President and if the President is not available, the Vice President takes over. 
  • League Ambassadors: Assists the instructor, is the spokesperson for the team at competitions, and is in charge of knowing the competition rules. 
  • Equipment Managers: Have knowledge of the equipment, assist in keeping the software updated, and ensuring the equipment is put away at the end of each session.

Purposeful Play

  • Now we will take some time to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! 
  • Don’t forget about the Core Values and Common Sense Media  lessons we have learned about and practice them as you play today: 
    • Technical Knowledge
    • Ethics
    • Rings of Responsibility 
    • Gaming with Positivity 

Wrap Up

  • How did you game with positivity today?
  • When and what time is the next meeting?